Thursday, December 13, 2012

TTT 12-13-12

Ten Thing Thursday a la Laura Belle...

1.  I haven't weighed myself in over a month and I have no plans to before the New Year.  Denial and avoidance?  Absolutely.

2.  I found a cleaning service!  Many thanks to Jennx for the offer but managed to find a place to come out and do it for less than half the price of the less-than-merry maids.  Wahoo!

3.  I really need to make an actual to-do list.  I have started it four times and then get distracted.  I know I have way too many things to get done and I'll forget something if I don't make a list.

4.  We haven't started Christmas shopping yet.  I've always been bad about procrastinating with Christmas shopping...I'm one of the crazy ones out at at 5:30 pm Christmas Eve still trying to find gifts.  With Hubby being in charge of this year, I've really slacked off...and I need to get my parents gifts this weekend, finish off Hubby and provide Hubby with ideas for the girls because I'm pretty sure he hasn't started yet either.

5.  I should be working or doing #3 and #4 as I write this but I'm putting it off.  I don't know why.

6.  Bummed I'm missing Jen's Cookie Exchange tonight.  Just too many other commitments right now to have made it but I'm excited that I get to see her and the other AZ Bloggers on Sunday!

7.  I've watched a Christmas movie every night since the 25 Days of Christmas started on ABC Family.  I've also seen Miracle on 34th Street twice, Christmas Vacation twice and The Santa Clause twice.  I'm staying up far too late at night watching these movies as I fold laundry, go through the kitchen, etc.  Must get more sleep.

8.  We're working on our year end reviews at work and we have to reach out to everyone and their brother for feedback about us.  Ugh.  This is not a good idea.  I'm not necessarily worried about the feedback I'll receive but it's a pain and no one really wants to do it.  And you can't be completely honest because it's not anonymous and you don't want to offend anybody.  What a waste of everyone's time.

9.  I have a Going Away dinner this evening.  It's a girls' night so should be fun...will NOT be overindulging tonight though...have to get up for work tomorrow morning.

10.  On the 3rd of Christmas my inner ego gave to me....a very loyal friend.

Once you're my friend, you're pretty much my friend forever and I'll do anything I can for you.  That's just how I roll.

Happy Thursday!

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jennxaz said...

Oh I love the parties...bring on the fun!
Booo on weighing..I hate that scale