Monday, December 3, 2012

Don't Sew A Cape Just Yet

So it isn't often I think of myself as Super Mom.  More often than not, I think of myself as the opposite - never patient enough, not giving enough hugs, kisses and encourage, not playing outside enough, not baking enough cookies, etc.  But Friday, my friends...Friday...I felt like Super Mom.  Lori's birthday was Thursday...we went to Chick Fil A.  Friday, we had her birthday party.  I worked from home that day, facilitating 3 separate conference calls and between those calls, I bought balloons and decorations, picked up the food, baked and decorated the cake and wrapped her presents.  We had a small family party at my Mom's that night but it was fun and Lori was thrilled so it was all worth while.  Talk about "having it all."  Some pics.

The feeling of Super Mom was short lived.  Saturday, we met a longtime friend for lunch so that the girls could get reacquainted with her since she'll be picking them up for school this week.  We then went to see Rise of the Guardians.

Pretty good flick by the way.  Anyway, we make it home, stay up late cleaning out some things that needed to be put out in front of my parents house for bulk pick up and head to bed around 9:30.  That's when we realized that Little Bear, Lori's beloved stuffed animal, had been forgotten at the restaurant during lunch.  I called and no one had turned it in.  The poor little thing cried herself to sleep that night.  The next day, I went to the restaurant and still no Little Bear.  I went to Target, where I had bought Little Bear 5 years ago and of course they don't carry him anymore.  So Sunday, after moving all the giant furniture things to my mom's for bulk pick up and running around looking for Little Bear, I asked my daughter if she wanted to go to a store and pick out something new that she could grow to love just as much.  She said no, that she didn't need to and I asked why not and she responded, "Because I'm wishing really hard that Santa finds Little Bear and brings him home.  I know Santa can do it."  O. M. G.  Seriously?  Why couldn't this happen in June where Santa would never enter this little girl's head.  So after much hemming and hawing, I went online and believe I have found a duplicate Little Bear.  I'm going to write her name on the tag just like the original and wrap him up in Christmas paper with a note from Santa saying that he found Little Bear but he was pretty beat up so he cleaned him up, added some stuffing and now he's good as new.  I know this seems desperate and possibly overdone for what it is.  But the poor child refuses to sleep with anything else because she "just knows that Little Bear is coming back."  We're moving and there are going to be enough changes in our house without this added to it.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can pull it off.  Here is a comparison shot...the one the left is obviously our beloved LB and the one on the right is the one I ordered.  I really do think the new one is identical to LB when he was new.  He's also produced by the same store and is the same size.  I'm convinced this is him...what do you think? was a bit ridiculous.  After Lori finally went to sleep Saturday, I had a full blown emotional breakdown over this stupid tiny bear.  I, a grown woman, sat in the middle of my living room sobbing like a child.  It was like all of the stress of the last couple weeks came bubbling up and just had to get out.

So yesterday was spent hauling stuff to my mom's, doing some laundry and just decompressing.  Today I'm back at work and I'm sick!  I've got a cold...stuffy/runny nose ( shouldn't be both), sinus pressure and watery/itchy eyes.  Ugh.  No bueno.

Soooo...what else?  Oh!  We found a house in Jacksonville and the app has been approved.  I just have to sign the lease, scan it and email it back to the prop management people.  Very excited to already have a place lined up!  The AZ Bloggers are having a goodbye lunch for me on the nice!  I have a going away dinner with some friends on the 13th and still have to find time for a work happy hour and meet with my BFF before we go.  20 days and counting....

Thanks for letting me get all of this out here today.  I know this blog hasn't been focused much on my weight, health and well being here the last few weeks and honestly, I don't see it returning to that until the New Year but I still appreciate everyone's support and reading along.

A little Monday DEMotivation:


Jen said...

Oh Poor thing! Both you AND Lori!!! the bear looks pretty close to me!! You are handling a ton right now so I'm not surprised you had a little break down! It happens to the best of us!!

Awesome job on the cake and the birthday celebration!!

Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!!
hang in there!

Michelle said...

Oh I'm sad too poor little bear. I think what your doing is awesome. And I love Monster High! I have2 dolls in my office they are conversation starters

Connie O said...

I think you earned the cape! Sorry for all the stress and trauma, but your replacement Little Bear should be just right.

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

You definitely earned that cape! I like your idea for replacing Little Bear. My daughter has a lovey that I eventually found on eBay so we have two just in case...and I swear she knows when we switch them out (trying to wear them evenly.) We bought two loveys for my son off the bat but he isn't interested in them (yet?)

Chris said...

Make no mistake - you ARE Super Mom!

jennxaz said...

you are super mom!!! and the cake and stuff are fabulous! I am so sorry about the bear. I understand Johnny lost his blankey once and it was living hell and then a week later someone returned it..I was saved. Good luck!

Sam said...

I like the idea of Santa giving LB a bit of a make over before returning him, that definately sounds like something that Santa would do :o)

Lets just hope that Lori believes it too, I have my fingers crossed for you!

And congrats on finding a house for your move!

Leigh C. said...

You can definitely sew the cape. And I love the story about Santa finding Little Bear. She'll love it!