Monday, December 17, 2012

7th Day of Christmas

So we're catching up on the 12 days of Christmas so here we go:

On the 7th day of Christmas, my inner ego gave to me...a fantastic public speaker!

A decent knack for writing
Good at thinking on my feet...
A genuine smile...
A loyal friend...
Sarcastic wit...
And a mom who'd do anything for her kids!

I can't remember which day it was...thinking it was Friday...saw the most beautiful rainbow when picking up the girls.  I think it was Friday because it reminded me of the beauty in the world after the tragic event in Connecticut.

The weekend was good. Saturday, BFF and I had lunch and then did some Christmas shopping.  I really only had to shop for my parents this year so it was pretty low key.  It was sad to say goodbye but we've been friends for 7 years now and I don't see that changing.  I'll be back in town from time to time and I'm going to talk her into visiting  me in FL as well.  :)  Saturday night, Maddie mentioned she wanted a roasty fire since it was so "cold" out ( only got to 59 degrees that day. LOL) and she said she wished Daddy could build her a fire.  No offense to Hubby but who needs Daddy to build a fire?

Sunday, I had lunch with the AZ Bloggers and it was so much fun!  I love these ladies so much and they're all so wonderful and funny!  I'm going to miss them but I'll still text often, follow them on facebook and meet them in Vegas someday!
From Left - Elizabeth, Jen, Jenn, Lori and Me
My mom had the girls during all this, making Christmas cookies and decorating her Christmas tree.  The girls are loving it and I'm glad that they're able to spend a lot of time together before we leave.  The only blip was our trip to the doctor for Lori's ear...she's got an ear infection so we've started the antibiotics and hopefully it clears up quickly.

My kids goofing off at CVS while we waited for the Minute Clinic.

Busy week ahead.  I'm taking Wednesday off work as the packers are coming, loading the truck on Thursday (my mom's serving as a delegate for that), the cleaning service on Friday (just leaving a door unlocked for them), shipping the car off on Saturday and then away we go on Sunday!  Whew!  In between all that, I've got a work happy hour and Christmas to do with my folks. I'm trying not to eat my feelings and I'm really excited to be in FL and settled.  :)

In honor of the possible apocalypse Friday, I give you the Monday DEMotivation:


Run, Chelle, Run! said...

Oh my goodness, I bet this week is just going to fly by! You will get it all done I'm sure.

speck said...

I don't know why I thought you were already in Florida.

I saw the picture of you girls on facebook and I love it! And I'm jealous too! Did you know that I am going to Vegas with y'all! I am. lol

I hope the trip goes well. Your girls are adorable.


jennxaz said...

oh boy...becoming more real! You big fire!