Friday, November 16, 2012

Too Old For Breaking Dawn

On so many levels.

So I was invited to the opening show of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 last night.  A lady at work rents a theater and a bunch of people have been going to all of these so I decided to join in the fun.  I have not read the Twilight books and I wouldn't classify myself as a "Twihard" but the movies are a guilty pleasure of mine. So yes..I'm not the target demographic and am too old for Breaking Dawn.  I am also too old to go to opening nights now too.  I got to bed around 2 a.m. and was up for work at 4:30.  I am so freakin' tired.  Outside of that, I was also a little annoyed by the number of little kids at this show.  They behaved well but they were so tired and didn't want to be there and it made me mad.  This kind of stuff didn't bother me in my younger years.  But all that aside, we had a good time and I think this movie is by far the best of the series.  Here I am supporting Team Edward before I left for the evening:
So in my quest to recommit and get back on track, I have an appointment with lapband doc to get a fill today.  I long for the days where I ate very little and then didn't think about food again for hours.  I've also decided that once Hubby leaves, I'm committing to the food thing.  I'm going to incorporate shakes and salads more because they're quick and easy and that's going to become more important the busier I get.  I got quite a bit done on a personal front yesterday...made my fill appointment, made check up appointments for the girls at their doc, ordered Lori's birthday presents, ordered some balloons and stuff I need for her cake.  After work today, Hubby and I are going to the credit union to close our joint account.

Hubby leaves tomorrow.  This makes me sad.  We've done the long distance thing before.  We spent his first year of law school apart so we know how it is.  We didn't have kids then and it just seems like it will be different this time.  I certainly have enough to keep me busy though and have my mom and friends here to help out.

In happier news, Hubby bought me an early Christmas Ipad!  I'm so excited.  I love this little thing!  And now I can check blogs at home without having to be sitting at my computer so it's far more likely that I'll actually keep up when I'm out of the office.  And maybe I already have all my Zynga games loaded to it already too.  :)

And it's been awhile but a Friday Funny to kick off the weekend:


Anna said...

I also haven't read the books - tried, but couldn't make it through the first one. However, it has become tradition to see the movies with a group of girlfriends of mine. I will pay $12 to spend two hours looking at Taylor Lautner, and now that he's "legal", it's not so pervy of me! LOL

jennxaz said...

wow..a fill..I am impressed Manda..showing dedication there! and cute pic..I heart you on being a lone..that is a little scary especially with kids, but you got this girl and I love that he got you an ipad---I am jealous..I want one!

Connie O said...

I read the first book when I was on pain meds after gall bladder surgery, so I don't remember much about it. Haven't seen any of the movies yet, but they sound like fun. I don't think you're too old for any of it!

I know the long distance will be hard, but at least it's not for too long.

Good luck with the fill! Still counting down to my first one.

Shannon said...

I read the books and thought they were just ok and I have seen all the movies and thought they were just ok, but I can't stop myself from wanting to see them lol.

I am trying to convinse hubby to go with me tonight to see this one.

RockBand Barbie said...

I haven't read any of the books, and haven't seen any of the movies. I can tell you, as a teacher, I was not a happy camper that some parents chose to take kids to see it last night. I had two kids who could barely keep their eyes open, and when they did they were both cranky pants.

speck said...

Didn't read the books, my youngest daughter drags me to the midnight thing last year. I actually enjoyed the first one, didn't like the second one at all, and the third was good too.

As a matter of fact, less than an hour ago, she said, "mom, do you want to go to the movies with me tomorrow to see Breaking Dawn". I was like....Bond, James Bond!

Good luck on this big move.


Run, Chelle, Run! said...

Good luck while you're flying solo, I know you'll be stressed but it will be over before you know it!