Friday, November 23, 2012


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Mine was bittersweet.  There was good...there was not-so-good but I hesitate to say "bad."  So a little rundown:

  • Dinner was good.  Despite a few kitchen mishaps (do any of you suffer from bad cooking days?  Where it seems it's harder to cook or more stuff goes wrong than normal?  Well, that was yesterday for me.), the food came out very yummy. 
  • I got an early Christmas gift from my BFF...a new personalized phone case with a pic of the girls at Disney.  So cool!  

  • As is tradition, I had my first cup of eggnog with my mom to kick off the holiday season.  Mmmm...Me gusta egg nog mucho!
  • I really missed Hubby on Thanksgiving.  I found myself a little weepy in the morning, making kids breakfast and loading up the car and stuff.
  • I felt really bad for Hubby later when I talked to him and he sounded so down that he spent Thanksgiving alone.  
  • He's not going to feel any better, missing Lori's birthday later in the week.  :(
  • In the middle of all the hustle and bustle yesterday, I discovered that we all have lice.  My girls and me.  Eeeeewwwww!  So effing gross!  So I got to run to CVS to buy lice treatment for all 3 of us and spent yesterday evening shampooing and combing and all that nasty stuff.
  • The lice stuff is something Hubby would usually do for me because he knows how badly I'd be icked out.  I had to suck it up.  
  • It was also really difficult to comb through my hair and it's difficult to see what I'm doing.  God I miss him.  I may have to ask my mom to see if it looks like I got everything.  Eeeeewwww again.
  • It was a little sad to think this was the last Thanksgiving here in Phoenix.  I'm hoping my parents will make an annual trip out to Jacksonville so we can at least keep that going.
  • I was happy that while I did overindulge yesterday that it wasn't a complete derailment.  I skipped breakfast, had Thanksgiving lunch and yes a small slice of each of the pies, the eggnog and that was it.  No dinner as I was too full.  Not bad compared to preband indulgence.
So it was a good day and a challenging day.  I realize how lucky I am that I have my girls and my parents and friends around me right now but missed Hubby something terrible.  It makes me really glad we're going to be together for Christmas.  

Let's lighten the mood with a Friday Funny:


jennxaz said...

bummer...I wish I could give you a big hug! love the rocked those! and I bet the time flys by!

Sarah G said...

So sorry about the lice! I've never gotten it myself but have dealt with it several times with the kids. Nasty little buggers. Makes my head itch just thinking about it!

Hope the rest of your time apart from hubby goes smoothly!

Linda said...

I'm sure this is really hard being separated - especially this time of year. Sorry about the lice - Cate got them last year, we all did treatment for it. The biggest thing is sitting down the first few nights after you shampoo and looking for nits. It takes forever but helps. I colored my hair at the same time b/c they say that kills them all.

RockBand Barbie said...

Lice...such a pain in the ass. As a teacher I know that once one person gets it, most of my class will eventually have them.

I love that phone case!!! Where did she get it??

Leigh C. said...

Tea tree oil shampoo will keep the lice away. I use it on my son and even though there have been several breakouts at his school, he's never gotten lice once! Sorry you missed your hubby during the holiday...before you know it, you'll all be together again!

Vanessa said...

lice - gross - now my head is itchy!
Sorry you had a down day - great phone case.

JRD said...

Sorry you had a bit of a down day - it is so hard to be away from your partner on important holidays. Sounds like you handled it brilliantly. And I'm SO sorry about the lice - after my experience with BB's this past summer, I can only imagine how icked out you have heart goes out to you. I hope the treatment works. Hugs!

speck said...

I have an off cooking everytime I'm in the kitchen! lol

I'm sorry you didn't get to spend Thanksgiving with your husband, but it sounds like you had a positive attitude and made the adjustment.

It's been a while since I've had eggnog but I've always liked it.


adorkbl said...

Sorry about the lice. Yuck. Sounded like a frustrating holiday. Sorry you guys are so far apart... even if it is only for a month... a lot goes on. Hang in there.

Sam said...

Sorry to hear about the lice and being away from hubby on the holiday. But I do like the phone case :o)

Barbara said...

Chin up. Those pies look delish. Take the good with the sad and move on. You are a great mom.

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

Those pies look amazing! And just think, next holiday you guys will be together and loving life in your new space!

Anonymous said...

Your first cup of eggnog tradition is awesome, love hearing of such simple traditions that keep the family close.

Oh my, lice, so sorry to hear such a bug got in and buggered up your holiday. Of all things to have to endure without your mate.

Still, I can tell you had a Thankful holiday and are looking forward to the coming holiday season.

Stay Thankful!