Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rough Start

It's been a rough morning.  The coffee maker at work is broken so we went to Starbucks (I know...Bad Panda!).  I paid for my sin as a nonfat, no whip pumpkin latte dribbled down my white shirt once I was back at my desk.  Then I picked at a hangnail on my toe and it started bleeding.  Then the ice machine broke as well (seriously...this building is going to hell in a handbasket) so I'm drinking lukewarm water.  And to top it off, we've got visitors coming in at noon.  Two sets of visitors are coming tomorrow.  So a day and a half to get done what would normally take a week.  And I'm blogging because I just feel like avoiding it all.  *SIGH*  One of those days.

So it's a rough start to the day.  But Holly got me thinking about Hubby and I wanted to share his NSV for him (whether he likes it or not).  So for anyone new, Hubby is banded.  He had to lose weight to get the band and then once banded, his port flipped so he had to have a port revision so his journey didn't even REALLY start until 6 months after his first surgery.  I can't say for sure how much he's lost...he apparently doesn't believe in scales anymore.  I can say his portions have reduced significantly, and while I think he could use a fill, he's doing pretty good on his journey.  He's dropped a couple sizes and while still a big guy, he's come a long way.  Anyway, when we decided to go to Disneyland, he jumped into high gear to lose weight for the trip.  He was worried he wouldn't fit.  He carried this worry with him all the way to the gate.  He had already resolved that if he got to a ride and he didn't fit, he wouldn't let it upset him and ruin the day (we all know how this goes...go to a restaurant, don't fit in a booth and then just want to go home and wallow?  we weren't going to let that stop us at Disney).  Well, that didn't happen.  He fit on every ride we went on.  He was able to ride with the girls and walk around with us all day long.  Did his feet hurt at the end?  Absolutely.  But we took very few breaks during the day and he was a trooper.  He was able to FULLY experience the day with our girls and it's a trip we'll never forget.  He was able to make lasting memories and not worry about being left out of it because of his size.  THIS is why he's losing weight and getting healthy.  THIS is why he got the lapband and started eating paleo.  It was so he could LIVE and be a dad to his girls and a husband to me.  He had a rough start...but he's making it good and he'll succeed.  I have no doubt.


Jen said...

Hope your day gets better! That is a lot of rough ways to start!!

Awesome NSV for your hubs!!!

jennxaz said...

must be an office thing..our ice maker and water are broke...hate it! That is so awesome about hubs...had to make your trip as well because I bet your girls were two happy little birds! Love it

Jules said...

Serious goosebumps when I read your post :) Awesome victory for your hubby! I can so relate to his feelings and reasons... so proud of him for charging forward!!

love to you! Sorry for your crappy day, hoping it gets better as the day goes!

adorkbl said...

Awesome for the hubs. Love it!! He should be feeling proud. What an accomplishment.

And I just have to say... ewww on the toe thing. :p

Elizabeth said...

Awesome NSV for him!!!! Hope that your day gets better!!!