Monday, October 29, 2012

Not Enough Hours In The Day

There really just isn't.  Our schedules the next couple weeks are just jam packed.  The weekend was good, the concert was fun but I drank WAY too much.  Seriously...didn't drink that much in Vegas.  Ugh.  Completely flaked on my eyebrow appointment so I have to call today to see if they'll reschedule it.  We did the house clean and grocery shopping done so that's something.

We've got another busy week ahead.  We have a Student of the Month breakfast at the school for Lori on Wednesday morning.  Wednesday night, of course, is Halloween and the trick or treating fun that comes with it.  Late Wednesday night, we're catching a flight to Atlanta for Hubby's brother's wedding.  We'll be in Atlanta until Sunday afternoon.  Another week where I'm only in the office for 3 days.  Needless to say, I've been working some long hours to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Speaking of work, upper management approved my move on Friday so now it's just HR and logistical hoops.  I makes it feel like all the work I did in my old role and putting up with the nonsense in my new one really paid off to have them willing to accommodate a request like this.  I'm also impressed with how quickly they're moving to make things happen.  Steve (Boss' boss and mentor) says things will slow significantly here as HR has no vested interest but since I have remote access to work, it doesn't really matter how long it takes as long as it happens.  Knowing I'll still have my job and Hubby will have a new, better, nice paying job is just such a good feeling!

Hubby's friends are throwing us a going away part on 11/10.  Hubby is leaving 11/18 or 11/19 depending on  flights.  It'll be nice to give him a good send off.  :)  I'm working on a honey-do list of things I need him to do before he leaves like fixing a kitchen drawer and going through his office.  That may be all he gets to since he'll only have a week or so.

My plan is to hit the gym tonight and tomorrow night and that's probably going to be it for the week.  *Sigh* While I'm not digging only getting 2 workouts in a week lately, at least I'm still doing it that much.  It'd be very easy to just let it go but any workouts is better than none, right?  The eating has been terrible.  I'm just not focused on it.

Alright...must get to work.  Thinking of all you bloggers in the northeast that may be affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Be safe!  And as a tribute to you...a little Monday DEMotivation:


Anonymous said...

OMG- I am so excited for you!!! That is awesome.

Chris said...

I'm going to re-read your post whenever I whine about being too busy! You have such an exciting, overwhelming time ahead of you - but it's all good stuff!!

jennxaz said...

Now is a super busy stressful time...Getting in 2 days at the gym is fabulous...just work on the food. You know food is the major part. Don't forget to keep healthy snacks around so you make better choices. I am so glad that work is letting you go remote..that in itself is going to relieve some stress--hugs manda!!!!

Jen said...

That's awesome about the job! Sounds like everything is just perfectly falling into place!! yahoo!!!

That weather pic cracks me up!!

Elizabeth said...

Happy for you!

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

Yay!! What a nice hurdle to have covered and know that you've got your job when you go...that's such a nice thing to have taken care of on the list!

adorkbl said...

Awesome news about your job. Woot!! Wow... time will go sooo fast. Before you know it you will be in FL!

Anonymous said...

Wow, exciting stuff you have going on, as busy busy as it all is, very exciting. No doubt the weather man agrees.