Monday, February 4, 2013

New Ideas

It's a new month, a new Monday, a new beginning...a new chance to start fresh.  Do I need it?  Not really...actually feeling pretty good about things but I've also got a new idea...

So we all use those tricks, right?  The ones that keep us motivated...for some of us, it's stickers in our planners, check marks on a goal list, minutes on a treadmill, miles on a bike, etc.  For me, it's historically been a physical challenge.  I find I can stay motivated and on plan as long as I can see a goal long as I know I'm working TOWARDS something new and exciting.  It started with the 3 Day and then a 5K and then the Warrior Dash.  Now, my BFF has inspired me to reach beyond anything I ever REALLY thought I could accomplish...the Disney Half Marathon.

It's not that original...other bloggers have done it.  My BFF is thinking of registering for the one in Disneyland.  I'm still trying to talk her into doing the one in Orlando with me but I digress.  For whatever reason, I'm really drawn to this idea.  A couple things with this one though.

  • The race requires a 16 minute/mile pace.  For a runner like Leigh or Chelle, that's easy peasy but for a wogger such as myself (Wogger = one who jogs so slowly that power walkers pass them), that's intimidating.
  • The registration fee is $150.  That's freakin' expensive to pay for RUNNING! are these obstacles insurmountable.  Of course not.  I can afford the $150.  And I can train my butt off to run 13 miles at that pace...I THINK.  I'll be honest...I'm not sure.  But training is a must...serious training.  No slacking on this one so am I motivated and committed enough to get it done?  Not sure.   So I'm making this deal with myself...Starting this week, if I run (well, train to run) 4 days a week EVERY week leading up to registration in April, I'll register.  If I don't...well, then I won't.

So there you have it.  Training begins today.  Let's do this!
What are you working towards right now?

And Monday DEMotivation:


jennxaz said...

oh boy that sounds awesome I know you can do it!

Cheri said...


Rooting for you! Very exciting!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

LOVE this goal. You can so do this.

Connie O said...

My goal is to be able to climb up a mountain--even a little one--before June. And to get back down it. This is more a post-knee-surgery goal than a weight-loss goal, but weight loss would make it easier!

The Disney races always sound like fun when I read people's race reports. It seems like an excellent goal!

Banded Strong said...

Good for you! You are going to do great!

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

You crack me up with the "wogging!" YOU CAN DO IT though! And I am hoping to do it next year since I couldn't this year and wouldn't that be a fun meetup?

I think it's a great goal to have, and it's a lot more fun to think about something like Disney than a boring "run 13 miles in my neighborhood." Plus you get a great medal!