Tuesday, February 5, 2013

And So It Begins...

My training...that is.  I wogged this morning.  *sigh*  I almost died...but I didn't so here I am, alive to tell the tale.  I have decided to walk/run for 30 minutes until I can run for the entire time...I used to be able to do this...long ago in a galaxy far away.  So how'd I fare?  1.91 miles.  That's a pace of 15:42.  Yes...that's below the required 16 but it wasn't pretty folks and it was for less than 2 miles.  A few thoughts:

  1. Have you thought "I'll run until this song ends," and then you think "Holy crap on a cracker!  These Backstreet Boys (don't judge) go on and on and on...this is the longest song EVER!"  No?  Just me?  OK...moving on.
  2. I haven't wogged since November so I'm actually pretty happy with this first attempt back.
  3. It's amazing how much fitness you lose in a few cardio SUCKS.
  4. Not only have I not wogged, I haven't really worked out at all so this was good.
  5. I think there's some adjustment to be made given the environment as well.  I'm using my treadmill at home  until I can a) FIND my gym and b) work it into the schedule somehow.  Also, the humidity out here is messing with me, I think.  Even inside, it feels harder to breathe.  Oh?  That's the cardio, you say?  Hmmm...interesting.
  6. It felt AWESOME to be active and formally exercising again!  While I'm a firm believer that an active lifestyle certainly doesn't need to include gym/treadmill time, for's a MUST and it felt good to be at it again.
I admit, when I was done, I was wobbly.  I decided I must eat (hadn't had breakfast  yet) and so I turned to this for breakfast.  
Great start to a good day.  :)


Run, Chelle, Run! said...

WAY TO GO!!! You are doing great! Also, yummy breakfast. Keep it up!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Amen. Seriously - it is shocking to me how fast a body loses stamina and endurance even in just days. You got this girl!

jennxaz said...

You might be surprised how fast you lost it...but I bet you get it back quicker! Great job Manda!

Banded Strong said...

Love your post! Motivational! Breakfast looks good! Good job!