Wednesday, July 29, 2015


It's really odd.  I was pretty much pain free unless I twisted or bent over.  Yesterday, I started feeling really tender between my 2 incisions, almost like a bad bruise.  It continues this morning.  I don't feel like I overdid anything as I haven't really been doing much at all since I got home from my trip last week.  The incisions themselves look really good and pretty much healed.  I have my post op appointment with the doc tomorrow morning so I'll bring it up to him and see if he has any concerns.

My eating has been on target so far this week not only with portions but quality of food.  I ordered my vitamins yesterday so they should be here tomorrow (LOVE Amazon Prime!).  I'm hoping that'll help with the energy levels.  I meant to have them ready to go but the surgery was a bit rushed after the insurance approval so this is really the first opportunity I had to order them.  I've always been bad about vitamins.  Prenatals were only remembered sporadically (don't worry - kids are healthy and happy - no harm done), I bought them for the lapband and never used them, and I've had random starts as part of a "healthy diet" to take a daily multi and was just awful about remembering them.  It's amazing I never had this problem with birth control.  This time, I'm making a concerted effort to take them as I know I'm not getting in enough food to get all the nutrients I need.

It occurred to me that I haven't posted pics of my girls or the dogs or summer happenings.  I'll do that later this week to add at least a little color to the blog.  For now, a Hump Day Happy Thought.


Amy W. said...

I love amazon prime as well. I have it for a year now since I accidently forgot to cancel my free 30 day day late! SO I am trying to get the most bang for my buck for it. Sometimes if you order early in the morning, it will be on your doorstep the next day!

I have been doing much better with my vitamins over the last month. I have the bottles at home, but I carry a little pill container as back up in case I forget to take them.

Rhonda said...

Amazon Prime is Glad you ordered your vitamins! You'll have to tell us if you feel a difference, and what all you're recommended to take. :)