Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Blog Name

There have been some changes around here...

I've been called pessimistic and cynical.  I always considered myself a realist.  But the truth is, all of us here in this weight loss journey are optimists.  It's always THIS diet that's going to work or THIS workout routine that'll stick.  THIS time will be better.  THIS time I'm getting it done.  You can't get more optimistic than having so much faith and excitement for the future every single time you start a diet.

Eternal Optimist.  That's my new thing.  A couple years back I set a New Year's resolution to be "content."  Find things to be happy about in my life and it really worked.  I have TONS to be grateful for and TONS to be happy about in my life.  There's not reason to believe that the future will be anything but good.  Let's count the way to feel optimistic.

Beautiful Kids!

Awesome Family!

My Wonderful Hubby!

Fun Coworkers

Fun Times!
With all these wonderful things, who couldn't have hope for the future???


Amy W. said...

Love the quote on your new banner!

Amanda Kiska said...

Love it! Your family is adorable!

Amy said...

I like the new blog name! :) said...

Love the optimism and your adorable kids!

Rhonda said...

Great new blog name!