Monday, April 26, 2010

Month 5

I had my 5th monthly weigh in of my supervised diet on friday.  I lost the 2 pounds I had gained the month before.  Feel good about that I guess...especially since I wasn't working that hard.  My husband lost another 7.  Yay!  We picked up our letters of medical necessity from the primary care physician that morning so we were able to give it to the insurance coordinator that same day.  We scheduled our psych and nutritional consults for May 12th and our 6th weigh in for May 20th.  After that, they should be able to put everything together to send off the insurance company.  It feels good to be getting to the homestretch of this 6 month holding pattern we've been in.  They're going to submit my husband's stuff along with mine for approval but he has to finish getting his BMI down before they can schedule surgery for him.  I am hoping a July surgery date but we'll see.  Overall, I'm feeling very positive about the whole thing.  The waiting is gonna kill me as I am not a patient person by nature, but it will be a happy day when I get an answer.  Approval or denial will be much anticipated.  It will be nice just to have some concrete answers going on.  I'd be ecstatic with an approval.  Of course, if I'm denied, I'll be incredibly angry, sad, upset and disappointed but at least I'll know where I stand with things.  They gave me the MMPI or MPPI (what is it?) for the psychological evaluation.  Man, that's a lot of questions.  They want it completed before I go talk to the psychologist.  For some reason, this part doesn't make me nervous at all but that could just be because I already know I'm nuts so she's not going to tell me anything new.  LOL. 

Quick Movie Review...Saw Kick Ass this weekend.  I give it an A+!  If you have a crude sense of humor, don't mind unnecessary gore and offensive language, you'll like this flick.  The little girl in it is freakin' hilarious!  If you have a guy who you drag to a bunch of chick flicks, you owe him this one.  My husband loved it!

What else?  Oh looks like it finally happened.  I have bored 2 people to the point of no return.  I lost 2 followers last week.  As a long time fatty, my self esteem is highly dependent upon being liked by people.  I consider myself mildly amusing (OK...I crack myself up...but I can recognize not everyone finds me as funny as I do) and not horribly offensive in anything I do.  Alas...2 people disagree.  I'm taking the high road and assuming they were being cyberstalked and had to delete their profiles and are no longer logging on to the internet for fear of being brutally murdered by an axe-wielding cyber psychopath.  With that being said, I wish them luck and hold no ill will. 

I think that's it for me.  Happy Monday!


Jenny said...

You are funny! I think people just can't keep up!

amandakiska said...

A bunch of us lost followers last week. Don't worry about it. I assume they decided against the lap band or something.

Great job with the insurance requirements progressing.

Bonnie said...

Don't worry about the disappearance of followers - it's their loss. I also agree that Kick Ass was a really good movie. Did you see Hangover or Hot Tub Time Machine? I liked them too. I have my 5th month weigh in on 5/5 so I'm right behind ya. Hopefully we'll be getting banded around the same time.

Inspiration said...

you are so strong for sticking with the 6 months program! I am so proud of both you and your husband! Lost 2 followers??...forget those blog snobs! :)

LDswims said...

You will never lose me, I can tell you that much. Awhile back I lost a few followers and one of them didn't even know she'd dropped me, just stopped being able to see my blog in her dashboard. Don't take it personally, it really could just be blogger. And if it's not, then it's their loss.

You are doing so well with the insurance jokes. Woohoo for the final stretch. My last month went by best/easiest/fastest - less turmoil in my mind, is what I remember. It's almost over and July will be here before you know it (or June!).

I can do this.....finally said...

Good luck with the insurance. I see my PCP for the first time tomorrow morning to hopefully start my 6 month holding pattern. Like you I'm not very patient and just the thought of the next 6 mos seems very daunting.