Monday, April 5, 2010


I'm a little late but special thanks to Lori for the Stiletto Award and Band Groupie for the Happy 101 Award.  It still fascinates me that people actually read this and respond to it without getting completely fed up with ranting, raving, crying, venting and shamelessly posting pics of my girls. 

I know the rules with these rewards include nominating others but, to be honest, I just don't have it in me.  If you want to read through some of the most inspirational, funny and sometimes heart wrenching blogs available in blogland, just click on any one of the amazing blogs listed in the blog list to the right.  All of you who follow me, I try to reciprocate and follow you as well.  This has become so therapeutic for me and it's hard to describe how even though we may never meet in person, I feel like I've already made so many friends through this process...and I'm not even banded yet!  Just amazing. Lori and Band Groupie...Thanks again.  To everyone else, congratulations!  You've all been nominated for these awards and the "Manda Panda Blogger of the Year" award made especially for those who provide support for even the most mundane events in my life.  Have a great week everybody!


THE DASH! said...

You have a great week too, darl. Hope your easter was fun.

carla said...

You have a great week too...I for one did nto think I would ever be a blogger and I cant tell you how much supposrt this community has been for me in thsi journey