Monday, January 26, 2015


Weigh In: 213
Loss From Last Week: GAINED 3.5 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 0

Impressive right?  So I went off the fucking rafters last week while in Atlanta.  Then I got home to a pretty stressed out husband and kiddos.  And similar to what alcoholics or drug addicts will do, we enabled each other to keep right on through our food binge through the weekend.  And somehow gained every last ounce back.  Chances are a lot of it is water as I drank virtually no water and a lot of booze so obviously dehydrated but still.  Just INSANE.

So am I feeling good about myself today?  Of course not.  Am I ready to throw in the towel?  No on that one too.  I'm my meals planned again and here we go.  The only reason I'm posting at all is for full accountability and disclosure.  If I disappear, I've given up and blissfully happy in the land of denial.  Instead, I'll stick to misery and reality.

In other news, it is time to buy new cell phones again.  I hate buying new phones because it always begs the question about finding a different carrier.  Honestly, I could've done all this a year ago... there are some people (smarter people) who re-evaluate their carrier/phones every time their contract expires. I don't because I hate doing it.  I find it all very confusing and time consuming.  I currently have an iphone and I like it.  I don't LOVE it anymore but I like it.  I'm considering going with a Samsung or LG BUT all my other stuff is mac...desktop, laptop, ipad, kids' ipod, etc.  I love how easily everything syncs.  A lot to consider.

In other news, we're talking about getting rid of cable.  We've BEEN talking about getting rid of cable for over a year now.  We do this from time to time but instead of going without entertainment as we have in the past, we've been looking into alternatives like apple tv, roku, chrome, amazon's thingie, etc. We finally talked to a guy at radio shack to learn how it all works and it doesn't seem as difficult as I had made it in my head.  We may be ready to pull the trigger on this in a month or so but we want to keep exploring the home phone piece first.  Right now we bundle with the internet company but we want to get to where we ONLY have internet through them.  I have to keep my home phone for work so we're getting there.

If anyone has any opinions/advice about those last two items...please let me know as I'm open to anything.

Hope y'all have a great week!


Jen said...

Hi Miss! Long time no talk! I'm glad you aren't taking your gain and giving in the towel. just recognizing you had a bad weekend is a good step! you know what to do b/c you've done it before!! I've been working out like a mad woman for the last 3 weeks and eating fairly decent (not the best but definitely not bad) and I keep gaining. It's so fucking annoying but I keep hoping eventually it will start to come off!
As far as the Roku/Apple TV thing. I think it's a great idea. with both of the above (we have both - one in one room and the other in another) you can stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc and between those two, you can pretty much watch anything you want. the only thing missing is sports which I think you can stream online. We have been talking about getting rid of cable too, just haven't pulled the trigger either.
so, that's my 3 cents!!

Miss you!

Beth Ann said...

Two of my four employees don't have any cable. One has Roku and the internet. The other uses Netflix mostly and streams some things online.

The first part of your post read like mine this Monday morning. I think your right about the key being that we are mostly doing good and we feel good, so the scale is secondary. When we are doing mostly bad, we know it and don't feel good.

Or something. :)

Rhonda said...

I'm interested in going cable-less, too. Let me know what you find out!

Love that you're not throwing in the towel for a few more days because of the set-back. But you know what happened, and you're back on it. Travel is so tough!

Amy said...

We've been cable free for a year. We have a Roku...the only services we pay for are Hulu ($8/month or so) and Amazon Prime. I have a family member with Prime and we share the account for half the price. We watch YouTube on our TV for a LOT for back episodes of shows. We were both heavy TV watchers before. Switching to Roku saves us $100 a month. Totally worth it.