Thursday, August 1, 2013

2nd Interview Today

I'm a little nervous.  I hate interviewing.  I think I present myself fairly well but it's particularly difficult when you can't see the person's face.  It's hard to gauge a reaction when they're on mute, ya know?   Fingers crossed that I do well so that I can hurry up and wait.

I realized yesterday that Hubby and I are going to be i a lot of trouble in a few years.  Girls went outside to play with the neighbor boys.  I look out and see this.  SIGH

They had a good day yesterday and I feel so lucky that we found this neighborhood with so many kids.   Tomorrow is my 10th wedding anniversary.  Hubby and I are going out to dinner and then walking around Jacksonville Beach to see what we can see.  We haven't really hung out down that way, opting instead for more local beaches.  Should be fun and I bought a new casual dress to wear.  I'll make sure to snap a pic before I go.

Food yesterday was pretty good and I had a food victory to report.  First the pics.  I always forget to take a pic of dinner.  Yesterday's dinner was chicken stir fry.  Very yummy.  I had a little bit of cottage cheese with it.
Breakfast - Fajita leftovers with hummus

Lunch - seafood salad
OK.  So I ate breakfast and then worked out.  NAILED it!  So a few hours later, I'm a little hungry and decide that lunch is needed.  I had made the girls mac and cheese and there was maybe half a helping left.  I put that on my small plate with my seafood salad.  I stopped and stared at it and had the following conversation with myself.
Me: " don't need that mac and cheese."
Self: "Ooooohhhh but it's so nommy.  And it's like half a serving.  Half a serving won't kill you."
Me: "It's out of a box.  I'm trying not to eat anything out of a box.  It's powdered cheese for God's sake!  And I was going to take a pic of my lunch for my blog."
Self: "It's not that big of a deal.  Just eat the mac and cheese and THEN take a pic for your blog."
Me: "That's lying!"
Self: "It's a blog.  Everybody lies a little on their blog."
Me: "I'm not even that hungry."
Self: "Who cares?  It's yummy!  And you worked out today.  A little extra calories won't kill you."
Me: "Oh shut up."

And I threw the mac and cheese in the trash and just ate my seafood salad.  VICTORIOUS!

Full disclosure time.  I did have a chocolate peanut butter bar that the neighbors made and gave us.  The girls ate the other one.  That treat was TOTALLY worth it and it was homemade from scratch, so the neighbor told us.  At least I'm making decisions and actually THINKING it through instead of just mindlessly eating everything that pops into my head.  I'm calling yesterday a win.

I'm off to maybe get some work done today.  Hope to at least get some cardio in later as I am super sore from the weights yesterday.  Wish me luck on my interview!


Jeanette said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

Oh man, those little boys are gonna turn into troubleeeee. I'm just waiting for Lila to come home from kindergarten with a "boyfriend" so my husband's head can pop off.

YAY on the macaroni victory!

Rhonda said...

Uh-oh. Time to move! They'll be pregnant in no time around boys like that. (Ha, I have boys like that!)

Proud of you for saying no to the mac, it's hard... but so worth it to look back and be like, "I was awesome today."

Happy wedding anniversary!!!

And good luck with your interview! Lemme know how it goes. :D

Leigh Costa said...

Happy Anniversary! We celebrated 10 years in 2012. where does the time go? Good luck with your interview.

Ask Me About My Band, My Lap-Band said...

Hey, tomorrow is our 16th wedding anniversary :)

Congrats to you guys!!!

Rachel said...

Good luck on your interview!

Barbara said...

Oh boy... you are going to have your hands FULL.. Happy Anniversary. Glad you like your new neighborhood.. the kids look very happy!!!

Beth Ann said...

Hee! Good luck with those girls. :) And YAY for you for throwing away the mac and cheese. And DOUBLE YAY for knowing when the treat was worth it!!

RockBand Barbie said...

So glad I didn't have girls...I'm sure I would have ended up in prison before the teenage years were up :) I have a hard time resisting mac and cheese...even the cheap, box stuff :)

Vanessa said...

Happy tenth anniversary - its a big one! Enjoy your night out! Good work on tossing the mac n cheese!

tz said...

Happy Anniversary and good luck on your interview!

Rose said...

Happy Anniversary! I just read your blog from start to finish and you are such a motivation!! I'm scheduled to be banded in October so thanks for all of the free advice that you didn't even know I was stealing from you!! Lol

Dawnya said...

Hey sweetie. You have been quite. I know you had a lot of travel in August. Did you get the job?