Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shopping List

Happy Thursday! I'm starting my shopping list to get everything I need for surgery and directly following.  I'm open to any and all advice you have.  The one thing I'm not sure about is HOW MUCH of this stuff to buy?  I'm on liquids for 3 weeks following surgery, then on to "soft" foods (mushies) and then regular food.  Obviously, I'm not worried about the mushy or regular food.  But I have no idea how much of these liquids to buy.  They include juice, crystal light, carnation instant breakfast, soups, yogurt, frozen custard, popsicles, V8.  How thirsty/hungry were you the week after surgery?  Outside of the liquids, there are some basics I figure I need:
  • Heating pad (thanks ladies)
  • Liquid Tylenol
  • Daily vitamins
  • Mederma or some kind of scar cream (opinions on these?)
  • Chapstick (another good suggestion)
  • Viactiv (not a big milk drinker so nutritionist recommended this (thoughts?)
I appreciate your help with this.  I'd hate to make my hubby run out because we forgot something uber-important.  Getting so excited...and nervous...and yes, having some second thoughts.  Can you believe it?  I ponder this for 2 years, go through all the insurance hoops, am devestated when I get denied and then I have second thoughts!  I think I'm crazy.  Certifiably looney...regardless of what the psychological evaluation said. 


TracyZ said...

I was completely unprepared after surgery but I ended up drinking chicken broth, drinking Crystal Light, and drinking protein shakes...all really, really slowly. I wasn't hungry for the first week or so at all and then it hits you like a ton a bricks - so be prepared for that because it takes a LOT of self-control!

I would buy as much of the liquid stuff as you think you may need (and even go a little overboard) because you'll end up using it in the long run after adjustments.

Nikki P said...

Totally agree with Tracy about the hunger. I got through the first week quite well, but then felt like I could eat my arm off on about the 6th day. By then you should be feeling pretty normal and be able to drive and go to the shops and stuff. I wasn't feeling much pain by then but I was feeling really lethargic due to the lack of food. So if you do head out just remember not for to long cause you will get tired.
I just grabbed a few things at the start and then when I figured out what I liked I went and got extra.

DiZneDiVa said...

Everything that was said so far is very true... i wasn't hungry for almost the full first week. One thing not mentioned yet is Gas-X chewable tablets... that is more important than the tylenol because most of the pain you are going to be feeling, is gas pain... OMG, it is awful! You never prayed so hard for a fart, I promise you. I know, TMI, but you will thank me later. *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Check out my blog at

-Grace- said...

If you are allowed, stock up on sugar free popsicles. I wasn't hungry for the first few days and those are all I could stomach. Everything that the others mentioned is spot on!

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

I wasn't hungry the first week and I had issues getting any fluid down because I was so nauseated. But, that was just me. I like Lipton's cup of soup..creamy chicken. There are no chicken chunks or anything but it tasted good.

Steph said...

Sugar free fudgesicles! Those things are awesome. I second the Gas-X...I liked the strips. They taste minty and they make you fart and burp, which is a huge relief. After the first week, I got pretty sick of sweet things and having some soup on hand was a good idea. I have a great recipe for enchilada soup that another bandster shared - a can of cream of chicken soup, a can of cheddar cheese soup, a can of enchilada sauce, a can of water, and a can of milk. Mix together and heat gently so you don't burn it. I LIVED on that stuff for 2 meals a day after the first week. Just so you know, after 4-5 days you will probably feel well enough to go to the grocery store if you have someone to help you carry the groceries in, so if you need anything you can always go to the store. My first big outing was 5 days after surgery - I went for a pedicure and to Whole Foods for a soup lunch with a friend. I felt fine and wasn't even taking tylenol anymore at that point. You're going to do great!!!

Patrick said...

Pillow pillow pillow.... I have had abdominal surgery twice, and the best friend I had was a small pillow to hold over my belly when i had to move, cough, sneeze, etc... such a lifesave. My mom knew I would need one, and made me one before my first surgery; she called it my very own "Oh Sh!t" pillow. Gotta love Mom for that.

Catherine55 said...

So excited for you! Your list sounds really good. Check with your doctor on the Viactiv -- they are like chewy caramels, and you may not be able to have them while you're on liquids.

If you like to cook, now is a great time to make some yummy soups and freeze them in individual containers. I put a few recipes on my blog that I really like, and ate quite a lot of soup during my first 6 or so months with the band.